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C. handelii (BLOOM)

Unusual form and leaves. Leaves are small (1") oblong with a slight pink/brown look. Limbs are upright and covered with small white blooms, mid season, profuse bloomer.

C. handelii (FOILAGE)


At first glance, one would think this is another loropetalum, but when it blooms it is prolific. Grows to a small semi-weeping tree about the size of a dogwood.

C. sinensis (Tea Plant)

This is the plant where the tea of commerce derives. Flowers, small white single. Leaves vary in size. Native to China, Japan, SE Asia. A number of different cultivars but all can be used to make tea.

C. yushsienensis

Flowers white strap like, 5-7 petals, small. Blooms Nov to Jan. Fragrant.

C. japonica 'Querciflolia' -  'Fishtail or Mermaid'

Medium, single white bloom. Vigorous, spreading growth with dark green leaves shaped like a fishtail. (C. Jap. Japan 1879 Kingyo-Tsubaki)

C. japonica 'Benton-Kagura' "Variegated Leaf" (BLOOM)

Bloom is rose pink, splotched white, medium to large peony. Slow. compact growth. Early bloom. Sport of c. Daikagura.

C. japonica 'Benton-Kagura' "Variegated Leaf" (FOILAGE)

Irregular shaped green leaf bordered cream white.

C. vernalis 'Curly Egao' (BLOOM)

Bloom is bright pink peony, medium to large. 

C. vernalis 'Curly Egao' (FOILAGE)

Leaves are small and the branches have a twisted growth pattern for an interesting look.

C. japonica 'Unryu Corkscrew' (BLOOM)

Bloom is bright pink peony, medium to large.

C. japonica 'Unryu Corkscrew (FOILAGE)

Each leaf is a part of an unusual zig zag growth pattern.