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Tommy and Travis Alden, Owners

Member of Georgia Green Industry Assoc., American Camellia Society, Atlantic Coast Camellia Society and Middle Georgia Camellia Society.

Daphne in production

Tommy Alden

Tommy has had a life long interest in Camellias. He began at an early age by helping his Dad make grafts from scions obtained from Dave Strother’s collection at Massee Lane (later donated to the American Camellia Society for their headquarters).  Following college and a twenty year career with agricultural and lawn & garden chemical companies, he began his own business of growing plants in 1986.  Today this business, County Line Nursery, is known as the south’s largest grower of Daphne odora but Camellias are not far behind.  At last count, County Line Nursery was producing over 200 different varieties of Camellias in sizes from liners to 25 gallon containers.  Tommy also maintains his own personal collection of Camellias and his blooms can often be found at the head table at local Camellia shows. Currently Tommy is past president of the Middle Georgia Camellia Society and Chairman of the American Camellia Society's Massee Lane Garden Council. He is also an active Camellia show judge.

John Alden (1920-2007)

Tommy's Dad, John Alden was a plant pathologist/entomologist with a local agricultural chemical company, retiring after 47 years of service. When Tommy began the nursery, John said he had enough of retirement and came back to work too! John was a valuable asset to Tommy as they built the nursery from the ground up to become the leading grower of Daphne odora in the South. John also had a love of camellias which he passed on to Tommy. He remained active in the nursery well into his late 70's. He is sorely missed.

L-R: Travis, Ross, Tommy, & John Alden (click on picture for larger view)

Travis Alden - Operations Manager

Tommy's son Travis literally grew up in the nursery as the Alden home is tucked back in the woods on the edge of the nursery property. Travis began helping his Dad and Papa John when he was still a little fellow especially when he could drive the four wheeler or Gator. In fact, his first recognizable word was tractor. Travis keeps the nursery running with skills as diverse as welding, irrigation systems, greenhouse construction, carpentry, spraying, pruning and tractor work. Travis can  "do it all."   Travis and wife Melissa have two children, daughter Taylor and son Ross. Maybe Ross too will develop a love of growing that could result in a 4th generation of Alden's at County Line.


Brenda Alden

Tommy's wife Brenda helps us in the nursery when needed but with five grandchildren all close by, her time is somewhat limited. Brenda was instrumental in the early years growth of County Line. She is an active Camellia Show Judge and a great help at trade shows.

Left to right back row-Ross Alden, Brooks Barbour
Left to right front row-Taylor Alden,  Alden Barbour, Adeline Barbour, Brenda Alden

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